Let's start with you.

Are you feeling dissatisfied or lacking inspiration in your job? Here are some scenarios you might find familiar:

• feeling trapped with uncertainty about your future direction
• longing for opportunities to learn and grow professionally
• being earmarked for advancement in various roles but not seeing any materialize
• facing the end of an assignment without a clear path to your next role
• missing honest, meaningful career discussions with your manager
• worried about how organizational changes might affect your position
• dealing with redundancy or unemployment
• taking a career break and seeking guidance on re-entering the workforce
• approaching or beyond 50 and eager to engage in meaningful work for the foreseeable future
• desiring change but feeling apprehensive about learning new skills or starting fresh
• nearing retirement yet still committed to create value, and remain professionally active

If you are experiencing any of these, know that you're not alone, and there are ways to address these challenges, here is how.

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In my one-on-one coaching practice, I collaborate with intellectually curious professionals who seek to align their life and career meaningfully, empowering them to leverage their unique strengths. If this resonates with you, I'm eager to work together. I'll empower you to reshape self-limiting beliefs into affirmations of your abilities. You possess the power to dream boldly and envision the life and career you aspire to. Each session is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that the transformations you seek come from within. Throughout your transition journey, I'll provide steadfast guidance and unwavering support, accompanying you every step of the way."

My Approach

I spent over 25 years working in Human Resources in the life sciences and personal care sectors where I held various European and global leadership roles, led talent processes, and executed organisational changes on both local and global scale. In addition to my coaching expertise, I offer a wealth of first-hand experiences and insights to empower you in navigating your circumstances and achieving your goals.

These are the steps I will customize for you and lead you through:

1. regain control in a crisis
2. find your purpose and passion
3. tap into your talent
4. reimagine your future
5. design a new career roadmap
6. develop a change strategy
7. own your authentic career story
8. bring your support network on board
9. stay relevant and future proof
10. navigate ageism


Unique Personal Development Experiences

Imagine self-discovery combined with the beauty of the world's most inspiring locales... More to be revealed soon, sign up for the waitlist to receive further information!


"Working with Gyongyver was a lifechanging experience in many ways. She has an exceptional sensitivity to recognize the client's unique talent which I had been previously unaware of. Gyongyver helped me in the process of rediscovering myself, celebrate the past and made me deeply think about my priorities, future goals. Surprisingly,…

Eva Tukacs, Head of Procurement

"Having known Gyongyver for several years, I have huge respect and admiration for the professional and the beautiful human being she is. Amongst several assets, Gyongyver is in possession of unusual levels of emotional intelligence and empathy paired up with a witty sense of humour. I have just completed a…

Jorge C. Manuel, Founding Partner

"Gyongy's coaching genius lies in the combination of her leadership, clear communication and compassionate presence. She has a practical approach that means you go away from a session with her with a definitive sense of how to move forward. Her warmth and humour make her a joy to work with.…

Rachel Connor, Writer, creativity mentor and Wayfinder life coach

“If you are looking for someone who can help guide you through a significant or difficult career change, particularly mid-to-late career, then I would highly recommend my good friend and former colleague, Gyongyver Szabo. Gyongy has an innate positivity that is infectious and welcoming, which is great for developing a…

Jason 'Jae' Sloan, Consultant and Coach

“Gyongy is a truly inspirational coach. She has an amazing ability to help people find their sparkle and shine. This is something she helped me with when I had a challenging year. I would highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Helen Tomlinson, VP and General Manager