"Working with Gyongyver was a lifechanging experience in many ways.
She has an exceptional sensitivity to recognize the client's unique talent which I had been previously unaware of. Gyongyver helped me in the process of rediscovering myself, celebrate the past and made me deeply think about my priorities, future goals. Surprisingly, for me resulted in a complete reiteration of my career path in which I am certain and determined to pursue. I am grateful for Gyongyver's help and recommend her."

Eva Tukacs, Head of Procurement

"Having known Gyongyver for several years, I have huge respect and admiration for the professional and the beautiful human being she is. Amongst several assets, Gyongyver is in possession of unusual levels of emotional intelligence and empathy paired up with a witty sense of humour. I have just completed a career transition programme with her and undoubtedly endorse it to anyone considering a deeply reflective and potentially life changing exercise of its kind."

Jorge C. Manuel, Founding Partner

"If you are looking for someone who can help guide you through a significant or difficult career change, particularly mid-to-late career, then I would highly recommend my good friend and former colleague, Gyongyver Szabo. Gyongy has an innate positivity that is infectious and welcoming, which is great for developing a plan to write your best chapter, not just your next chapter. With years of experience in talent management, she draws on that wisdom and her formal training to coach and support you in your transition. Besides that, Gyongy is one of the best storytellers I know!"

Jason 'Jae' Sloan, Consultant and Coach

"Gyongy is a truly inspirational coach. She has an amazing ability to help people find their sparkle and shine. This is something she helped me with when I had a challenging year. I would highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation."

Helen Tomlinson, VP and General Manager

"I can provide first-hand examples of the fantastic support and guidance Gyongy can provide to senior leaders who are trying to discover: what's next? Through her wonderful approach, acute observations, wit, creativity, and compassion, she helped me find my purpose, define my superpowers, identify what I can bring to the table, and then visualise the path to follow. Her passion for helping you find a purpose is contagious, which makes a process that could be quite stressful (recreating yourself) much easier."

Juan Carlos Rojas, Finance Transformation Director | Area Finance Director

"Gyongy's coaching genius lies in the combination of her leadership, clear communication and compassionate presence. She has a practical approach that means you go away from a session with her with a definitive sense of how to move forward. Her warmth and humour make her a joy to work with. If you are someone looking for guidance with transition - someone who will support you and gently challenge you to envision your best next step - Gyongy will be perfect for you."

Rachel Connor, Writer, creativity mentor and Wayfinder life coach

"Gyongy has an incredible talent for helping individuals shine. When their sparkle has been lost, she helps to unlock their inner diamond."

Avril Hamilton, Organisational Development Lead

"I worked with Gyongyver Szabo in the past, and I would warmly recommend her to everyone who needs support in their career development. Gyongyver is one of the most inspiring leaders I have ever worked with; she's empathic and genuine!"

Anca Dragoman, Area HR Business Partner

"I worked very closely with Gyongyver as we ran a business through a major turnaround and merger. I thoroughly recommend her as a partner to work with."

Andrew Macmillen, Managing Director

"Gyongy is a real talent spotter and people developer. And her amazing personality only adds to these great capabilities! Very much recommended."

Anita Rogalska, Director People & Culture

"Gyongy brings energy, thoughtfulness, compassion, encouragement, creativity and authenticity to her work. She has helped me to think through my next best chapter ideas, helping me to move forward."

Kristen Kepler, Director, Capabilities and Learning

"Gyongyver is amazingly genuine and positive in her interactions. She gives great pragmatic and no-nonsense advice."

Nienke Mulder, Transformation Lead, Snr HR Director, Executive Coach, Academic lecturer, Private Public Partnership